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Why is the wall project so relevant for the quality of the building?

The above-ground section of the building is primarily created by the walls. Considering their exterior, not solely their solidity is of big relevance – support for the roof structure, but also insulating features – protection against changing climate circumstances and huge heat losses.

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This last characteristic is especially relevant in our climate zone.
A relevant duty in which architects must succeed is the selection of an optimal technical design for the external wall insulation (website service). In numerous situations, cheap short-sightedness triumphs and the compromise is made to use single-layer wall technique without insulation. In the multiple-layer surface functions are divided among two or indeed more components. One has solely (or primarily) structural purpose, the other has a merely insulating purpose, and possibly also another material of protective and ornamental function. Therefore, thermic insulation depends predominantly on the thickness of the warming component layer. Smaller or bigger thickness of this layer does not modify the structure of the wall (of the other layers) or the cost of its elevation. The modification in thermal insulation features alters only the cost of insulation and influences the cost of the entire structure to a small extent.

Settling the most economically effective diameter of the thermic insulation layer according to the principle of the shortest compensation time or the lowest costs of the long-term use cycle should be the starting point for the financier to make a decision on the selection of wall composition and thickness of the thermic insulating component.