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The Best Time Tracking Software for Business


One of the greatest problem that people have with time tracking is that they don’t really know which activities they should put in their timesheet. Every business that bills it’s clients for time worked needs to know exactly how to share budget among workers. That is why choosing a proper time tracking software is so relevant.

The bigger your company is, the harder is to control billable minutes’ distribution. But if you think about traditional time tracking methods, please stop and think once again. There are specific softwares created exactly to solve all your problems with time and money administration. It will surely pay if you devote some time to look for software the best for you and your team. Take your time, do a proper research and make your best choice.

So many questions, so many problems to solve.

Every business choice is in the matter of fact some kind of risk. Even the most deep and detailed research can’t guarantee you an ideal software that will make you rich and bring no troubles. But you can look among the best to reduce this risk as far as it is possible.

There are a lot of softwares that tracks time and they are well equipped in different fancy features which can be useful for you. When you are about searching new time tracking software for your firm, better choose that one which matches big number of features with easy funcionality. Pay attention on what your company really needs in time tracking. Basic time tracking sofware should be:

• simple, easy to use and learn;

• available from any place to check it if you want to;

• flexible. Data should be exportable;

We want to faciliate this hard decision to you, therefore we introduce 3 time tracking software which are, in our honest opinion, the best. Please, meet Harvest, Chrometa and TimeCamp.

1. TimeCamp

TimeCamp is the black horse of this race. It’s always one step before competitors. of course, it’s not perfect, because nothing is perfect at all. It don’t have a budgeting feature like Harvest or cellphone application (but it will, soon!) like Chrometa, but it has some special features, two previous sofwares don’t.

TimeCamp automatic mode is original because it’s based on keywords. Application recognises task and project you are actually working on with keywords, which user assign to tasks previosuly.

Besides desktop application which tracks all computer activities, TimeCamp gives you also graphical and manual timesheet, which you can fill-in to track your time more accurately. You can also signing sick leaves and holidays.

Benefits of using time tracking sofwares are very serious. You can measure engagement of your team’s member. You can gain all data about time administration across projects, client and emplyees. You can estimate how much time and how much money you will need in the future for similar projects. With this data you your team can be mor efficient and your business more profitable. What you have to do is to choose time trackins software that maches to your business styles, needs are wishes. Don’t be affraid to try.

2. Harvest

Harvest is very popular and of high-quality time tracking software. Easy timesheets, desktop application and invoicing feature make this program very user friendly. What’s more it can be integratd with a lot of various project management systems, such as: Jira, Zendesk, Trello, Xero, Basecamp, or Quickbooks.

But that’s definitely not all. It’s mobile version allows you to log and check worked hours directly from any place you already are in. If you are often on the road and used to work far away from office, this application will faciliate your life a lot.

The last, but not least Harvest benefit is budgeting feature that worns if money or time budget will be exceeded on each project or not.

3. Chrometa

Chrometa is very popular in lawyers’ environment. Lawyers often don’t have a time to feel in their timesheets to know how much time they exactly spent on work each day. The trials, the meetings.. this is the gratest part of their work day. Chrometa gives attorneys very useful tool – automatic time tracking.

Automatic feature tracks every action on computer and turns into separated entries. There’s nothing better when users are doing daily a lot of small tasks, and all of them often in one time. And that is what lawyers do. All those entries created by program can be easily turned later into invoice or report when it’s needed. That’s about work on the coputer. But what with the time an employee spends outside the monitor?
In chrometa not only computer activities, but also meetings, business travels and phonecalls can be enetered as a concrete tasks and assigned to client or project. There’s no automatic solution for this, but it dont’ take a lot of time and effort to complete it manually.