Ordinary phone – the item of the pastime or part of a fancy style?

A phone ring can be notice in every house and firm. Nowadays a telephone call is one of the most popular way to communicate. Mobile phones are very popular, nevertheless stationary phones are still in use, specially in state departments and by old people. Is this piece of electronic device going to vanish in the next ten years? Stationary telephone what’s interesting has many benefits.

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Firstly, it presents very beautiful in fancy rooms, specially the old equipment with huge earphone. Secondly, one uses it only when he or she needs to, not only because stationary telephone doesn’t have posiibility to send sms or custom software other links, but also because one has to stay close to the device while the service. As a result of these conditions a phone user have to concentrate on one action – conversation. Thirsty, stationary telephone is frequently a part of an Internet connection packet, so one can use phone and Internet simultaneously and in one price. On the other hand, that kind of telephone seems uncomfortable. coustomers are used to quicr communication (for example we send an information and we hope to have a quick answer) and to custom software (which could guess our preferences. Unluckily, using stationary telephone one must wait for an answer for a long time. Another disadvatage is telemarketing. Numbers of the stationary line are in public records, and that’s why they are available for many private companies. As a result of this accessibility a normal telephone coustomer may receive 3-5 calls with advertisement a day.

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Not only is this very annoying, but it is also insecure. Many clients, especially the old ones, mae be tricrtd this way. Not only can they buy not useful thing, but also they can fortfeid all of their money or even fall in huge financial problems. to sum up, stationary phones are going to stay in our flats and firms, can not only as communication instruments, but also as a part of a fancy style (gis systems). In the nearest future there will a big increase of new technological equipment such as smartphones, smartwatches and others, but stationary telephone will be constantly useful.