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Nowadays I am aware that driving a car might be fun if you use new technology!

innovative technology
Last Tuesday I had an opportunity to drive a vehicle of a friend. I never drive. I own a driving licence. Nonetheless, I don’t even posses a vehicle. I just didn’t find it funny or worth. I always rather thought of it as a duty, not as a thing that could bring also a joy. Not long ago, just after that ride, I totally changed my mind! At this moment, I think that this could be an unforgetable time. I possibly changed my mind thanks to the 2 gadgets I was using during driving.

Autor: Robert Anders
Źródło: http://www.flickr.com
Firstly, the car was equipped with bmw combox. You have no idea what it is? Don’t worry. Before this day I hadn’t known about that too. Nonetheless,this is something so awesome that it is useful to be knw such thing exists. I will try to present it by the analogy. Have you flied one of that very modern plane? In this type of planes, every person has a screen on which they could listen to the music, play a game and even watch favourite series. And the combox looked quite similar. On the screen I was able to choose between different multimedia as well as radio. I could also use a navigation option. It’s possible to even use the internet. Can you imagine this? It was like a laptop installed just on the front of a vehicle! You might presumably think that I lie. I would like to assure you that I don’t. I could even connect that combox with an external devices. Either directly or through the Bluetooth! That is very impressive, isn’t it?

Autor: Alexander Nie
Źródło: http://www.flickr.com
Moreover, he showed me how to use a parking assistance with bmw surround view option. Thanks to that, surround view camera I was able to see a as from bird’s-eye view. I could see the area and possible barriers not just in front of my vehicle, but also behind it and on both sides. Right after I have started this function, the system marked all items around my car. I was able surely watch all of this on the screen. The program even let me know when I should have turned on a turn-signal! Thereafter, the information appeared on the screen. It said that I should use now reverse gear as well as remove hands from the steering wheel When I did as it had said, a steering wheel staaarted to go around itself! It was awesome. However, we still need tokeep in mind that it is only a machine. We still should make sure that there are no pedestrians around a car.