Medication?! – What kind of medication?! How to make you will remember your health habbit.

Taking medication is not our favorITe activity. If we need to take one once for a while it isn’t that cumbersome. But if a patient need to thave it few times a day it might be a bit conbfusing.

How to get along with taking pills in everyday life?
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drug device
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The best solution is to create a habbit. At the beginning you must work hard and keep recalling that you you need to take a pill after e.g. breakfast click for more. But sometimes it might be not that simple as treatment can change and the condition as well. So in this situation you can try out the classical, old ways: writing what you need to to on a piece of paper and put in a visible place e.g. in the wordrobe. But nowadays, when the technical development is moving so fast you can also try out more modern ways.
In some pharmacies it’s possible to find special drug device. It’ve got waritey of design and functions but the basic is the same. The most well-known one is the medication bottle with a digital timer that display the amount of time it’s gone since the pills were ltaken for the last time few tips about drug device. The timer on the bottle works as an stopwatch, measuring the time passed since the medication was last taken, and resetting itself every time the container is opened. It’s an amazing option specially for seniors with dementia.
Other even more fashionable reminder is an apple aplication. Many women keep the application on their phone and it show them when they should take the pill, when they have period.
Other more advanced technology is that the device measure your body system and inform you if the important factors are too low. Nevertheless it’s not that fameous yet and not in all of the condition you can use it.

Taking pills is rarely a pleasant. Happliy other people have symilar feelings and they have already thought aboutinvented different kinds of devices. Try few of them and go for the most suitable for you!