Industry – changes in one of the most crucial topics of economy as a result of technological progress

Industry except agriculture and services belongs to the most crucial topics of functioning of each economy currently. It is implied by the fact these topics offer the greatest impact to the improvement of GDP.

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What is more, they are somewhat correlated with themselves, which proves that despite the fact that in majority of countries the amount of people employed in the last topic increases pretty instantly, we ought to keep in mind that not paying attention to the situation in agriculture etc. might lead to serious difficulties for an economy, as shortages of food and other products have to be compensated owing to international trade. Therefore, we are recommended to keep in mind that for each government it is advised to find a sufficient balance that would guarantee the economy of a country stable development and trustworthy fundaments.

The reason why industry is also quite crucial and fundamental is that for instance technological developments in this topic may influence properly services, as it would be connected inter alia with working in substantially better and healthy environment, as well as agriculture, as improvingly efficient machines would be introduced.

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That’s the reason why, we are recommended to also keep in mind that a country has plenty options that might help it more effectively influence the structure of each of the above mentioned field. They should be used sufficiently to the current economic situation and demands in different areas.

To sum up, we ought to not forget that regards analyzing the impact of different topics of each economy, the role of industry should not be depreciated. It is proved by the fact that using it we may make wiser choices and guarantee ourselves significantly better tempo of economic growth. It is relatively influential, because not only owing to it the country would be better, but also each citizen would feel the difference in the long-term, as a stronger country means improved social expenditures etc, which almost everyone can benefit from.