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Have you ever wonder about checking your partner’s mobile?

I am positive that all women have checked mobile phones of their partners. Ok, I have to admit that possibly even all women. But I am positive that most of them. E.g., all of my girls have done it earlier. Last Friday I met my girlfriends in the evening. We made some drinks and kept talking all night. 1 of us was about to check if her boyfriend is loyal to her, we were discussing the topic of checking boyfriends’ cells for at least 3 hours. You can be wondering about were our main points. I can basically divide my girls into 3 types. There were 10 of us, everyone in relationships.

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Thus, I believe that we were pretty good test group for such sociological study. To begin with, there are women who claim to never check their sweethearth’ cells. To be honest, I am not sure if I believe them. I mean – it may be true that they didn’t do it, but I am sure that the real reason for this is ‘cause they had no possibility to do it.Second, there are women who did that just once and never did it again.

For instance, my good colleague Elisabeth has checked her husband’s mobile phone. She was hoping to check if he didn’t cheat on her. She was searching for some texts for other women, or some erotic pics. What she managed to find was, e.g., e-mail about truck wraps nyc and messages from his brother. After that, she made a decision that she can trust him and never search anything in his mobile again. The third group was the biggest one. It was created by those of us who check their partner’ mobile on the regular basis. Some of us actually found something previously.

Thus, they believe that they simply have right to check their partners’ mobiles all the time. Many of them have never found any suspicious text, but are still doing it just to be sure. I believe that I belong to the 3th group. I know that it is not the reason to be proud of. Nevertheless, I cannot fight it. I feel much better when I believe that my boyfriend is faithful. Some people may criticise it, but I believe this makes our relationship stronger.