GOST license – important and well-known license

Each country takes care of its residents. That is why a lot of countries have introduced certifications which claim what is allowed and what is not allowed to bring in to certain countryside. When country has its own standards and standards all must support them. Unless, disobedient citizens will go to prison or will have to give a ticket. One of the most powerful and well-known license is GOST license. GOST certification verifies that goods which are delivered or produced in Russia meet the Russian safety norms.

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Autor: Trevor King
There are two types of Gost Russia guarantees. The 1st one is for a single shipment, for instance, when you deliver or deliver goods only once. The license have to used only one time. It is much less expensive than serial manufacture license. The 2nd possibility is a certificate for a serial manufacture aim. If you are an possessor of Gost certification ( you are allowed to import items in one, 2 or three years. Nevertheless, in some cases here should be conducted the manufactory audit. There often come 2 or 3 experts from Russian Federation and check the quality of manufactory and the qualityof produced goods.

Furthermore, there may be required some additional guarantees in some cases like: fire safetycertification or Government Registration. What kind of information should you provide when you would like to receive shipment (single) certificate? You have to provide full information about the manufacturer. The information should contain: full name of your corporation, address of the corporation, TAX number. The second influential information have to concern the receiver – his full name,addressand TAX no.

Here have to also be contained invoice, filled name of the product, description of the manufactured good,and the additional licenses which have been previously given to its item. Russia is a country where a competitive market is huge and it is difficult to enter here. Nevertheless,a person who does not fight, not is successful. When you will make an effort difficult and your products will be fine, the Russian will be contented to own you!