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Do you want to learn Polish? I will give you some suggestions

I have been staying in Poland for a while. At the beginning I was sure that I would stay here plainly for a while. I came there for a study exchange and had no interest in learning local language. But after a while I met an amazing girl and I just fell in love.

Obviously, she was able to communicate in English but her family and many of friends wasn’t interested in speaking the foreign language. All of them kept on saying that after so so many months in Poland, I should start speaking the language. I should to confess that they were right. I can’t expect everybody to speak my language. I had to fight this laziness. Thus, I made up my mind that I wold go for polish course warsaw.However, when I was searching for polish course warsaw, I found that quite not easy to make the final decision. Why? Because I found a lot of of various offers and teachers. Sadly, it took me some time before I found the proper teacher as well as the method. I hope my short history will be helpful in your own research.
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First of all, I chose a language school. That may have been my mistake as I didn’t request how many participants would be in my class. Thus, I ended up in a huge group. That was loud, crowded and uncomfortable. Only some of us had time to say something during classes. Unfortunately, I had to quit (learn more about Po Polsku). Later, I found a private tutor. But she was too focused on grammar. I didn’t even say basic sentences but she wanted to explain me an advanced grammar. I didn’t like that and I wouldn’t suggest this to you neither. Focus on speaking. Even if it is not grammatically correct. You would understand grammatical nuances later.

Thereafter, I have chosen another language class. That time I knew that I should ask everything about the group as well as the teacher. As a result I had a small group. What I did like was that we attented lessons twice a week. On Tuesdays we was learning grammar and new topics. On Friday we were focusing on only conversation. I really enjoyed that approach and it worked very well.
Because of attending that polish course warsaw , I succeed to make a huge progress. After a few monts I could have a nice conversation with mother of my girlfriend! They were very touched!