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Do you want to know what’s the big deal with these cameras?

A few month ago, I wasn’t familiar with about cameras fpr cars. And even if I knew anything, I cannot remember it now. Nevertheless, such cameras became really popular. A lot of my friends have either installed a camera in a car, or bought a car with fabrically installed camera. On the internet there are a lot of discussions where drivers keep on asking different questions on the cameras, e.g.: which one is best to buy, is it worth to purchase it, how to install it, and so on.

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While looking at this one thing is clear – cameras will be a must-have in the future. I am convinced that in a while every person will have at least 1 camera while driving. Sooner or later, you will have to get familiar with cameras and their functionality. I wanted to do it earlier. I took me a moment to decide which camera model will be the best for me and my car. I have read plenty discussions and articles on the internet. I have talked about this topic with my familyfamily members. And finally I made up my mind and purchased 2 different types of camera. I have been using them for over a year now and I need to say that I am really happy that I bought them. At the beginning I had to get use to them so I can fully use all functions which they offer. Nonetheless, if I was about to make this decision once again – I would definitely purchase those 2 cameras one more time. As I possess a bmw car, I have purchased bmw side view camera retrofit as well as rear view camera e60.

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Obviously, I could have purchased only one of them. But I made a decision that if I was about to use cameras, I habe to see the complte images. I was always terrified about a blind spot. The thought that there is a field that I cannot observe at all was very terrifying. Presumably this was the reason why I fell in love with car cameras so badly. Thanks to the side view camera I can see the back and sides of my car. It enables me to be sure that this is entirely safe to change lanes. Thanks to the reverse camera, I am much more comfortable when reversing a car into a parking space. If you are not convinced if rear view camera will be helpful for you, I would suggest to borrow a car that already has cameras inside. After such a ride you would be able to decide wherever this is good for you to buy such camera.