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Case study: TimeCamp & Podio integration



This is the story: Big Transport Company outsourced a project of building a new website and creating a new visual identity for Certain Advertising Agency.

CAA was a pretty efficient team so they were getting more and more errands. All of projects were divided into thousands of tasks and subtasks so after a short time, CAA Manger realized that their work became chaotic and they stopped controlling duration of each project, so:

1. They needed a special tool to faciliate their work;

2. They had to start tracking project’s time accurately to bill their clients precisely for time they worked.

Previously, they were using an ordinary spreadsheets to write the worked time down. Every member was doing it his own way so it often happaned the manager coudn’t find out who was working on which task. It was also almost impossible to communicate who does what and tasks were duplicatd, lost or mixed. This situation led to disorder, huge loss of time and people’s energy. There was a good time to bring the change in.


Podio is an extended project management software based on a simple strucutre. It can be easily seen on Big Transport Company example:

- Firstly, CAA created a workspace which contains number of tools for project management. They also attributed particular employees to each project.

- Then, they used an App Store to pick up applications matching to every kind of work’s activity. In this case it was Web App Development Pack including tools for web development coordination, and also Expenses, Meetings, etc…

- Inside Apps they put an Items, like e.g. “BTC new logo” or “Layout suggestions”. Each item contained a several subtasks to do. Team’s manager set descriptions, deadlines and labels to tasks and assigned them to particular employees.

With help of Chat and Following features CAA members could be up to date with each other’s progress and communicate across each project duration. Everyone knew their obligations so the work became much more ordered.

Chapter 2: TimeCamp

But the problem of time administration still remained. Manager of CAA needed a precise data of time allocation during separated projects to estimate budgeting for future contracts.

TimeCamp is an efficient and easy to use time tracking software, which integrates with Podio by Google Chrome plugin. It was a great opportunity to start using time tracking which is not a separate program, but can be used with Podio tools.

TimeCamp tracks time in two ways: automatic and manual. After adding a lugin for Chrome there’s a TimeCamp Timer in every Item, Task and Project in Podio, so it’s easy to remember to use it. Second option is a Desktop Application, which monitors all employees’ activity on the computer. And, in fact, there’s nothing else to learn or operate. This integration is only the facilitation and convenience.

Thanks to TimeCamp working with Podio, manager of CAA could see which employees was working more and which less. This knowledge made that he could award ones with bonuses for a good job and motivate others to work better. What’s more, he was able to share salary among team members adequatelly to their engegement and also predict how much time will be needed for similar projects in the future to charge clients more exactly.


Podio & TimeCamp Integration proved to be an ideal solution for CAA team work and time coordination troubles. Their work became more easy and transparent to them and their clients. They increased their engagement and efficiency and gained much more money from each project.