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Can’t stop thinking about blind area during? I was also scared about reverse parking

blind area
There are many cars present on our roads. And the number is constantly getting bigger. Although the number of cars becomes larger quickly, the number of free parking space increases very slowly. Repeatedly, if we want to park your car, we have to fit our car in a very limited space. It is not unusual that we ned to park back or reverse auto into a parking space.

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May us as practicing that skill a lot of times during driving courses. Most of us have to present this knowledge during the driving test. Personally, I do not know anyone that would feel confident and chilled out when reversing car. I also used to have this problem since I can remember. And that regularly made me feel very stressed. In theory, I knew how to do this. In practise, I was really worried that I would harm something or someone with my car. This fear worried me so badly that I even stopped doing reverse parking.

The thing that was even more scarry for me was that there is field called “blind area” just behind your car. Have you ever heard about it? That is an area that cannot be seen in your rearview mirror. Blind area can’t be directly seen from the car when you Are on the driver sit. You have to admit, it’s very scary that you do not see thefield directly behind a car. Field that is essential for parking your car safely.

So, I have conducted a research. I have asked many colleagues and family members. Most of them have suggested me to buy parking sensors. They have explained me that they are ultrasonic sensors that could alert me if there is any obstacle over a car while I park. I have to admit – it is better than nothing. However, I had big doubt if I should buy it. Why? I usually knew that there was obstacle behind my car. I normally knew if it was pretty close or still distant. What I wanted to have was something that would provide me with the exact information on how big is the distance between the end of the car and the thing behind it.

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And then, on my birthday, I have received from my husband an unexpected but very useful gift – a rear view camera for bmw. The model is not substantial at the moment – I can’t even remember that. What is important is that thanks to upgrade reverse camera bmw I am not afraid of reverse parking anymore!